Thursday, April 18, 2013

Utter Lunacy

Once again, the US Congress never misses an opportunity to disappoint.   Yesterday, on a cloture vote, the Senate failed to get the 60 vote super-majority to move the bill forward for a final up or down vote.  Essentially, the filibuster wins again, and the Republican senators and the four Democratic senators who voted against the cloture motion (I take out Harry Reid's "No" vote because it was a procedural vote that allows him to bring the bill back to the floor at a later point) have insulted the American people who by just about every poll taken support expanding background checks on gun sales to include gun-shows and Internet sales by at least an 87% majority.    The tyranny of the few have once again stopped democracy in its tracks.  These craven people who voted against this bill, who have no reasonable argument against the bill, who simply are either afraid of the NRA or getting primaried in the 2014 elections by the far right have let the country down.

There is absolutely no reason why this bill should not have been passed.  It confirms and protects the 2nd Amendment.  Sponsors Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) who are both A rated by the NRA and conservative, crafted a bill that protected private sales between individuals and focused the checks solely on commercial sales.  Additionally, in response to the lies from the NRA and the other lunatics who believe this leads to gun registration, they (Toomey and Manchin) expressly put in the bill a criminal penalty (felony) for anyone who holds information on the background checks that could potentially be used as a register.  Let me say that again.  The bill expressly forbids registration and could put anyone doing this in prison for up to 15 years.  So, the lies spewed by the gun-lobby and the others who for some unfathomable reason believe extending an existing law to cut-off unchecked sales at gun shows or on the Internet are just that:  they are lies.

The minority who voted this bill down because of the idiotic filibuster rules know this.  They know there is nothing that infringes on rights in this bill. They know there are protections for private sales in this bill.  They know there are criminal penalties for registration in this bill.  So why did they vote against it?  Because they don't want to run the risk of losing their jobs.  Pure and simple.  This is politics at its utter worst.  Because of their actions, and if we don't get some reasonable protections against unfettered gun sales, criminals will still be able to go to gun shows and buy guns.  Terrorists if they choose to will be able to purchase guns on the Internet.  Straw purchases (purchases of multiple guns for the purpose of resale) will still occur and provide gangs with the weapons they need to shoot up their neighborhoods. In other words,  people will continue to get shot by weapons that just might have not been as easy to come by had the bill passed.

The President was righteous in his anger in his speech yesterday. He called it "A pretty shameful day for Washington".  He was right.  It was shameful.  Those who voted against this bill are cowards.  They are patently un-American in this instance.  I guarantee you, if some idiot walked into the Senate chamber and started shooting up the place they'd have a gun control bill passed so fast the ink wouldn't be dry on the paper before it hit the president's desk.  

If you think this vote was good for America, I feel nothing but pity for you.  You obviously have been brought into the camp of those lunatics who believe in black helicopters, FEMA concentration camps, and big brother coming to take your "rights" away.   This bill does nothing of the sort, and it doesn't even get anywhere close to paving the way for registration or any other nefarious governmental overreach you can imagine in your tiny minds.  How do I know?  Well, simply put, I lived through the Assault Weapons ban passed in 1994 that expired in 2003.  Guess what?  No black helicopters.  No government seizing your property and taking away your guns.  No concentration camps.  The frenzied and moronic suggestion that this will lead to a police state is simply pathetic.  

Kudos to the Republican Senators:  McCain, Toomey, Kirk and Collins who voted in favor of this bill.  That showed spine, intelligence and compassion for those who are lost to gun violence on a daily basis.

For those who voted against it. I will use my voice, my money and my energy to see you opposed by someone who has the courage to do what is right and it is my wish you never darken the door of the US Senate again.


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