Thursday, November 25, 2010

Many thanks

With perhaps the exception of Meleagris gallopavo (Turkeys), most of us in this country have much to be grateful for.  Most of us will have time with our friends and loved ones today.  Most will be in an environment of friendship and affection.  Most will eat well, if not too much.  Most of us will go to sleep knowing we'll wake up the next day with pretty much the same blessings as we had when we went to sleep. 

We should all be thankful for this remarkable set of circumstances that we often take for granted.  I wonder some times at my good fortune to live as I do.  For whatever the cause, I'm grateful.

As I was thinking about writing my Thanksgiving article I realized that in the last 30 years that I have been working, I have not been required to work on Thanksgiving Day. The reason this came to me is because my son Jack is currently on duty in the Navy in Hawaii.  His ship, the USS Lake Erie, just returned from a cruise in the South Pacific and when I spoke with him last night he was returning to his duty station which would having him working on Thanksgiving Day.  Last year he was in Boot Camp on Thanksgiving but was able to spend it with a "host family" in Great Lakes.  

Anyway, it occurs to me that while I've had the great fortune to be able to over eat, watch football, drink coffee, read the paper, talk to my family and friends, nap, and generally do absolutely nothing, that there is a large segment of our nation who do not have that luxury.  The obvious ones are easy to spot.  We have soldiers on duty, some in combat situations right now as I write. We have medical professionals, whether doctors, nurses and administrative personnel staffing our hospitals to care for the sick.  We have police, fire-service personnel and other essential service providers working today.  We also have people working at our gas stations to help us get to our Thanksgiving turkey. We have people working at the grocery store so if we forgot the cranberry sauce we can run out and grab some.  We have airline pilots, flight attendants, bus drivers, train conductors, gate agents, TSA personnel who are all on duty Today.

We have thousands of people working today that will not be able to be with their families today because someone has to work. They are the ones who got the short straw this year.  

They are the ones I'm thanking first for my day of leisure.

I hope you all have a wonder Thanksgiving. Be Safe all.



  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    spot on

  2. There are more and more folks who have to work on holidays as we become more impatient and need instant gratification. Employers think little of having employees work except for maybe the overtime pay. Before and between families it was OK and I even voluntarily worked so others could be off. But when family is involved, it's tough.

    Can't believe with 30 years in IT you didn't ever have to work. Long/holiday weekends were prime time for us softhead geeks to get system/network time to make major changes. Never did get the OT.