Friday, October 29, 2010

Go Vote!

OK citizens, time to do your civic duty and go vote.  Don't tell me you don't have time. I just got back from early voting and the lines are short, the process fast and you can get it done and know you've done what you should have to keep our grand experiment moving forward.

I don't care who you vote for (well, I do, but this post is non-partisan).  Vote for your own self interest.  Vote for an issue that is important to you.  Vote because you believe in the notion that governments are derived from the consent of the governed.  Just vote.

The title of this post contains a link to the League of Women Voter's site.  This is one of the best sources of information on candidates that is objective and doesn't have political agendas associated with their information gathering on the candidates.  They do an outstanding job of gathering available information on candidates' stances on issues and do so in a clear and objective manner that will inform versus incite.

It is extremely important to be informed on the issues as you prepare to go an vote.  The issues that are important to you may not be as important to me, but that doesn't matter.  It's important you understand where the candidate's point of view on your issues are versus what party they may be affiliated with.  Get multiple sources of information on your prospective candidates.  If you are conservative and generally listen to Fox News, get some opposing view points and consider them, then look for a neutral commentary on the issue from someone who is fairly non-partisan.  If you are liberal and generally listen to MSNBC, do the same. 

I've found for me,  foreign press generally has fairly objective points of view when it comes to major issues (economy, health care, war, etc.) that provide some alternatives to the usual sources of information in this country.  The Economist, The Financial Times,  The Guardian,  Agence' France, Al Jazeera, and other sources of information provide multiple perspectives to consider in order to shape an opinion. 

So, that's my Public Service Announcement for sourcing information regarding issues.  If that works for you great. If not, try some other method, but for goodness sake be informed and vote.  It's your government and your democracy, and it's your responsibility.

I voted,  so can you.

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