Sunday, May 16, 2010

Musings on a Sunday morning

Well,   finally getting a chance to post again. It's been a while since my last post and lots and lots of stuff has happened since.

Two major stories in the last few days,  One, about a horrible natural disaster spewing pollution by the tons into the environment, as Sarah Palin is on the stump again. The other, the big oil spill by BP in the gulf. 

We also had the failed terror attack by Faisal Shahzad, evidently a terrorist so inept that he locked his keys in the car holding the explosives that didn't work.  Oh, before all you red-blooded 'Mericans get your blood boiling and starting in on all them AYRABS... the guy that found the bomb and pointed it out to the police was a muslim street vendor.  Irony is so yummy.

We had Tiger Woods return to the Masters where, in usual Tiger shape he played well enough to finish 4th.  Then, a missed cut at Quail Hollow and a withrawal from the Players Championshp.  The earth must have tilted off its axis because this just doesn't happen.  The world will not be right until Tiger is back to being Tiger on the PGA tour. 

With regard to Ms Palin (use whatever nickname you like, mine is "The Moose Killa from Wassilla") and the BP disaster, it's really hard to know which is more toxic.  Anyway, they both seem focused on the blame game.  Ms. Palin has decided to blame President Obama for everything, and is evidently pretty smart about it, because it's making her a shitload of money.  Your kid has the flu?  Obama's fault.  Your husband can't get it up without Viagra?  Obama's fault.  An asteroid is on course to collide with the earth?  Obama's fault.  Anything that can go wrong will be Obama's fault.  That's fine. It's the American way to blame someone else.  Well, I guess it's also BP's way, because they have also decided to blame someone else (e.g. Halliburton or TransOcean Ltd) who in turn blame BP.  We also get to blame MMS, Materials Management Service, the government agency that failed to require permits that allowed the drilling to occur after a report indicated it was very risky.

Blame,  it's a wonderful thing. It makes us innocent.  "It wasn't me, it was those guys!"  As long as we have someone else to blame, then we don't have to change behavior.  It's not our fault the oil is despoiling the freakin Gulf of Mexico!   It's those stupid BP or other guys.  Wait a minute Tonto.  Do you drive a car?  if you do, you use gasoline unless you run your car on bio-diesel in which case you make the road smell like french fries.    No, we all have a dog in the hunt here.  You, me, everyone else who consume these products are in part responsible for the mess.  BP is not going to invest millions of dollars unless they can make billions of dollars.  They won't make billions unless we all buy their product, so on it goes.  We want to drive, so they drill.  They drill cheaply and risky because their investors want high profits and their execs want high salaries. Governments want the royalties they offer and the jobs they provide so they drill.  

We will not stop this.  We won't stop until someone else fixes this problem. We won't stop until someone else figures out a way to make a bazillion dollars with an alternative energy source that doesn't use petroleum and is cheaper than refining oil into petrol.   We'll just continue to blame those that are f'ng up the environment, beat our chests, go clean a few birds and then get in our SUVs and drive to listen to Sarah Palin blame the president for the Sun Spots that are occurnig right now and feel really good that it's not our fault...

Have a great Sunday.