Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ok, so Pat Robertson is certifiable

Everyone is acutely aware of the devastating tragedy that is Haiti right now. Over Fifty-thousand dead and over three hundred thousand homeless, this is a catastrophe of monumental proportions. The cause? Well a 7.0 Richter scale earthquake and multiple +5.0 aftershocks right in the area of the most populated city of the small island nation, Port Au Prince. I do not need to recount the terrible event. For that see any news blog or web-site and get a full recounting of the earthquake and how you can help.

One of my favorite charities, "Doctors Without Borders", is actively working on the island now and in desperate need of funds to help. To donate: go to their web-site by clicking HERE.

But this post is not about Haiti or responding to the misery with our help. It is about "Bat-Shit-Crazy" Pat Robertson. Click on the title link to carry you to a video where the good reverend describes the problems of Haiti as the result of a pact with the devil.

According to Mr. Robertson, the Haitians made a pact with Mr. Scratch in order to win their independence from the French in 1804. As a series of cascading events by the way, Napoleon next sold the Louisiana territory to the United States for a sum of some $15M in order to finance continuing military activities in Europe. So, in a sense, the United States is what it is today as a result of the Haitians rebelling and gaining their independence from France. For a detailed recounting of this history, which is very interesting, see this link:

Anyway, back to Pat. This isn't the first time that Pat Robertson has gone off the edge of reality or reason. If you recall, he viewed the tragedies of 9-11 as some "wrath of God" action as result of America's deteriorating morality, blaming all of this horror on pagans, homos, abortionists, the ACLU (the horror!), and of course feminists. Right out of the Old Testament is old Pat. He takes every opportunity to tell us that God is just waiting to put the cosmic fly-swatter on our ass if we step out of line.

Now, he steps out and makes a statement that if it wasn't tied to such a tragedy would be funny. He's actually assigning responsibility to this tragedy to a heroic event in our hemisphere's history. One of slaves throwing off the yoke of tyranny and overcoming a massive military power in order to be free. Sounds a bit familiar doesn't it? Why would Pat Robertson say something like this and insult not only those who have been hurt by this current tragedy, but those who died to give this country its birth? Well, because he is a fucking moron. That's why.

Pat, may you get to heaven and find out it's run entirely by pagans, homos, abortionists, feminists and of course blacks.

Tell me what you think. (sigh, religious leaders like this make me want to vomit)


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