Sunday, November 22, 2009

Remember the day

Being from Dallas, November 22nd is always a somber day for me. I must confess, I've been on the JFK bandwagon since I was a child. Of course, there is more history around the man, the myth and the era than time permits to discuss. Suffice to say, that 46 years ago, something terrible happened in this country that I never, never want to see happen again.
Regardless of political stripe or affiliation, we are all terribly wounded when one of our leaders is assassinated. Being in a country as free as ours allows for all sorts of risks to our elected officials to exist. Those who choose public service know that and should be respected and admired for assuming the risk in order to serve something greater than themselves. We've had near-misses since the series of assassinations in the 1960's. Ford, Reagan, Clinton all had direct attempts focused at them by severely deranged people.
Remember the day, and hope it is the last one we'll have to remember in this way.

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