Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cut The Crap Already

I've had it with you "protesters" who are disrupting all the town meetings where health care reform is being discussed. Look at the picture to the left. This moron is holding a picture of our president with a fucking Adolph Hitler mustache. Implication made: Obama = Hitler. Okay, first of all, these dumb asses have been claiming Obama is a socialist. Now you say Obama = Hitler. Idiots. Hitler was not a socialist. He was a fascist who utilized the corporations to fund his maniacal plans. Pure and simply, the analogy doesn't work. You want to use Stalin if you are attempting to paint Obama a socialist, which he clearly isn't. You dumb and moronic people you. Comparing our president with Adolph Hitler is more than insulting. It shows an enormous amount of ignorance on the part of the person who makes the comparison. No president in the history of this country compares to Adolph Hitler. None. For an American to actually make this comparison is reprehensible.

Your bloviating gas bags such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of corrupted gene pool who have a voice on TV or radio fan the flames of fear by using lies to get the rest of our idiotic population terrified of "death panels" and "Government interference in Medicare".

God, how stupid you people are. If you genuinely believe this drivel, you need to get a remedial education in history and governance in this country. You also need to do the background research on Obama and understand this is a man of deep conviction for helping people. How in the world does this translate to Obama being Hitler? The irony here is that Hitler was a devout believer in the "master race". Obama would be an abomination to Hitler in that he is mixed race. Obama likely would have been sent to one of Hitler's camps because of his genealogy.

The Republican members of Congress who are supporting these slack-jawed morons who show up at these events for the sole purpose of disrupting civil discourse and debate are pussies. They hide behind "don't deprive these people of their first amendment rights" as a reason not to criticize a group of stupid, vacuous, ill-mannered, ill-informed, fools who unknowingly are a front to the corporate lobby who is desperately trying to kill health care reform because it would reduce their profits.

It is absurd to think that Obama or anyone would support "death panels" that would deny coverage because of age. Wait. Maybe it's not so absurd. Insurance companies have been doing this for years. However, no where in any of the written legislation does it say anything about "death panels". No where. Not one sentence. Even Newt Gingrich, the saint of the right wing had to walk this back when challenged by George Stephanopolous recently on television. Newt tried to insert his view of what might happen in the legislation. In other words, he made it up! He lied. Not surprising since it seems all the Republican leadership does anymore is lie.

Health care reform has been sorely needed in this country for decades and is consistently killed not by people who have a better way of providing health care but by people who stand to lose profits if health care is reformed. As "Deep Throat" told Woodward and Bernstien in the WaterGate mess.. "Follow The Money". Follow the fact the Health Insurance lobby is spending over $1.4M per DAY to fight reform. Ask yourself why? Why would Health Insurance companies spend so much to fight reform that would provide coverage to everyone? Well, dip-shit, the answer is: They don't want to cover everyone! They want to be able to deny coverage, revoke coverage, raise rates and lower coverage caps. Why, you might ask? You morons. Because it eats into profits.

If any of you mouth breathers who actually support not reforming health care were denied coverage for yourself or a loved one for a pre-existing condition or denied coverage because your insurance company didn't want to pay for the treatment and still believe that health care reform is a bad thing, then fine, say what you want, when you want. But. If you are currently covered with good health care insurance and want to deny it for others because you might think it could impact yours, then Fuck You, you selfish bastards.

You idiotic, horses asses.

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    We can't be the only people who are thinking this!