Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad Form

Last night, watching "Countdown" on MSNBC and then "The Rachel Maddow Show", I was regaled with information I didn't want to hear about Governor Sanford and his mistress. Keith Olbermann read the content of personal emails from Sanford and the enigmatic "Maria" with soft music playing in the background. It sounded like someone reading a poorly written romance novel. It made me want to leave the room which is what I eventually did.

I really object to this type of "reporting". I usually am a big fan of Olbermann and Maddow, believing that they often provide a view of what's going on in the world that I subscribe to. They question all parties and people when things don't make sense, and in general (although you have to dump most of Keith's rants against Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush), are fair in their commentary and criticism.

Last night however, both of them went beyond what I consider to be responsible journalism. It moved into "People Magazine and Page Six" gossip nonsense. This kind of stuff from supposedly sober professionals makes my head hurt.

I think it is absolutely none of our business what the governor says to his girlfriend. That's between him, his girlfriend and his wife. Unless the guy is selling state secrets or doing something illegal, it needs to be left alone. I believe we have an inherent right to privacy within our country. Even celebrities should be entitled to privacy. Sanford is a hard right conservative governor who i absolutely disagree with in almost every policy position, but this is bull-shit. You, me and anyone else wouldn't want personal message between someone we care about published across TV or the newspapers.

Keith, Rachel, Bad Form! Pretty ashamed of you both for stepping into Matt Drudge territory


tell me what you think of this nonsense,