Monday, September 29, 2008

The Palin Effect

Ok, Sarah Palin has now been the nominee for Vice-President of the Republican part for almost a month. After the initial excitement of about the “pit-bull” with lipstick, as Ms. Palin described herself, the sea of republican talking heads attempting to justify her selection as a brilliant move has dwindled considerably. Ms. Plain is quickly becoming an albatross around John McCain and indeed the Republican party overall.

Consider this. How can anyone seriously consider this woman as being ready to be president of the US? Oh, Ms. Palin’s supporters will say that she’s running for Vice President. I’m sorry, but she isn’t. Anyone considered as a nominee for VP is actually running as the President in waiting, an understudy if you will. Implied in their nomination is the capability of assuming the presidency on a moment’s notice and being able to keep the country moving. Ms. Palin is woefully unqualified to be president of the United States.

Ms. Palin may be a genuinely nice person, although news reports coming out of Anchorage are trending to the contrary. She may be a quick-study as many of her proponents claim. She may be smart, committed, idealistic and loyal to the Republican Party and to John McCain. The one thing she is not is ready.

The effect of the Palin candidacy is twofold. First, it has caused a retrenchment of the McCain candidacy to put the old warhorse out front and on the attack against Obama’s relative inexperience. I believe whoever convinced McCain to put her on the ticket did so by telling John that she would be the catalyst that would bring out the base, excite the women and get some of the youth movement headed her way. After all, who doesn’t like a somewhat hot, moose-hunting, former beauty queen who, by the way knocks out all this government all the while taking’ care of all them babies? I believe the thought she would be a knockout on the stump, wowing the crowd with her pugilistic vocals against all the sins and nastiness in Washington. Oops. Then comes Charlie Gibson, who asked her a dirty no-good trick question. “What do you think of the Bush Doctrine”? Charlie, you sexist, liberal-loving bastard, how dare you be so mean to Sarah. Then came that hard-hitting, no-holds barred bastion of political objectivity Sean Hannity, who asked her “What’s it like being a mother and a governor all at the same time”? Wow, there’s one that will let you know how she’ll deal with Bin Laden. Finally, the real low down occurs. Katie Couric. What a set-up, those liberal commie pinko news-media types sent a woman out to ask hateful questions like “Can you name one instance when John McCain wanted tougher regulations”? She couldn’t but promised to do some research and get back to Katie real soon.

The second part of the Palin effect is the distancing from the traditional supporters of the conservative and Republican causes. George Will, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, Chuck Hagel, Laura Bush, have all commented on her lack of readiness to be president in one way or another. Will is the most vocal, with his column and commentary lamenting both the choice of Ms. Palin, her incredibly lack of readiness and John McCain’s withering campaign. As we see more and more of the Republican moderates pull away from Palin – McCain, will we see more of the residents of Crazy Town USA (Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, etc. etc) start to come into the McCain fold with both advice and money? If James Dobson starts showing up at McCain rallies, be very worried folks.

The Palin Effect has screwed up the horizon and the gyroscope is completely out of whack. Up is down and down is up. The woman has actually used the term “Palin – McCain” administration in her speeches. It’s like she’s running for president and he’s not doing much to beg to differ other than having her start practicing Cheney’s gambit of “working from an undisclosed location”. She’s an embarrassment that will likely not last until the election and we may see her step down for health or family reasons.

So the “Straight Talk Express fighter plane” is going into the mountain. The question is, will McCain eject (he’s had experience with this before) before it crashes, or will he ride it down with Sarah McBush in a blaze of Glory?

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  1. Historically, I guess you could name VP candidates who were more qualified than Sarah Palin, but you could also come up with a few who were arguably less so. I don't think it matters. If the economy is foremost on voter's minds in November, Obama wins. If something happens in the intervening weeks to thrust national security to the forefront, then I think enough voters will swing to McCain.