Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Take that Punditocracy!

Well, so much for the talking heads. According to the polls, the pundits and other prognosticators, Hillary Clinton and John McCain were essentially dead in the water. Double digit leads for Barack Obama were getting the talking heads at CNN, MSNBC, Fox Noise, and pretty much any other news outlet so worked up about an Obama sweep, you would think that Hillary had withdrawn her candidacy.

Senator McCain was supposedly yesterday's news, with Evangelical Mike Huckabee, CEO and Olympic saviour Mitt Romney, and Mr. 9/11 himself, Rudy Giuliani all supposed to run rough shod over the septuagenarian maverick from Arizona.

Boy were they/we/everybody wrong. It seems the only people who thought they would win the New Hampshire primary last evening were Ms. Clinton and Mr. McCain.

Just goes to show you how different this country is. With Iowa, you could see the energy that Obama and Huckabee had unleashed. New Hampshire voters said "hang on a minute". We'll vote the way we want to thank you very much.

Ms. Clinton brought women and older voters back into the fold. Mr. McCain, has always had a strong relationship with the folks in the Granite State. They gave him a primary victory in 2000, and have renewed his campaign with another 1st place finish.

So, it's on to South Carolina, Nevada, and Michigan. Who will win? Who knows. That's kind of cool isn't it?

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