Sunday, January 06, 2008

Iowa's done, now on to New Hampshire

Well, Joe, it didn't work out. I'm sorry your campaign didn't catch fire as I still believe you are the best guy for the job. It's unfortunate that events in the campaign relative to Mr. Obama and Clinton overshadowed a clear discussion on the issues and in particular foreign policy.

So, Vaya Con Dios mi amigo. Go back to the Senate and reclaim the leadership position you've held as the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee. You and Senator Dodd, who decided to withdraw from the race as well, are examples of good, reasonable and experienced men who are imminently qualified for the job but overshadowed by the hype.

Ok, who do I support now? Well, I'm not declaring at this point. I have to seriously watch and consider the candidates going forward. I like Richardson and Edwards, but not am not a fan of either Obama or Clinton, but favor them over any Republican candidate. So, it's a decision I'll hold onto for a while.

As to the Republicans. It is the same old story, different verse. George W. Bush redux won the Iowa caucus. I'm talking about a former governor who loves the death penalty, has no foreign policy experience, and is a "nice-guy" who talked up a populist agenda and gained the endorsement of the conservative Christians in Iowa in a big way. His victory over Mitt Romney was considerable given the amount of money spent by the former governor from Massachusetts. Romney seems to be imploding taking shots from McCain, Huckabee, Thompson and all the other "stay the course" guys who think the last 7 years have been just great. I'm convinced that the people in this country want to go in a different direction. They want to go in a different direction on the war, on the economy, on our relations with the world, on science (all those who don't believe in evolution, raise their hands) and are tired of the degradation of our standing, our value in our money, our education system and want something fresh.

We'll see.

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