Monday, November 19, 2007

Why I'm For Joe Biden For President

I'm for Joe Biden for President. I've thought long and hard about the nominee's for president from both sides of the political spectrum, and believe that the senator from Delaware is the best choice we have for leading the country.

The reason? The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the troublesome situations in Iran and Pakistan. The new president will come into office with situations more dangerous than any in the last 100 years. It is not a time to have foreign policy novices at the helm of the only remaining super power in the world. Besides the middle east, Russia and China are flexing their muscles, both economically and strategically across the world. Without a doubt, foreign policy will occupy the majority of the new president's time for the foreseeable future. What's the best possible course of action? Get someone in office who understands foreign policy and can generate sound recommendations and strategies for dealing with this mess.

I'm a self-proclaimed independent, so I've taken a hard look at the entire field of candidates. My opinion is that there are few that have the experience and the ability to deal with this problem in a cool and deliberate fashion. Biden does.

As a liberal, you can imagine that the field of Republican candidates leave me cold. I'll do a post and explain why soon, but suffice to say that none of them save McCain have the foreign policy experience to lead the country. McCain's deficiencies far and away outpace his strengths, so he's a non-starter.

This brings me back to the Democrats. Dodd, Biden and Richardson are certainly the most experienced politicians in the field, with Biden and Richardson having the best foreign policy chops. Dodd is a thoughtful and good senator for his state, Richardson's clearly got the foreign policy experience, and has been a reasonably successful governor. However, Biden's credentials and his reputation in the Senate for working with Republicans clearly give him a step up in my opinion. He's got his problems for sure. He has a significant case of open mouth and insert foot disease (remember the gaffe about Indians? What about his remarks about Obama being "clean"?) He's arrogant and sometimes comes off as a bit of an ass. The other VERY SERIOUS problem I have with him is that he voted to authorize George Bush to use military force in Iraq. This is almost a deal-breaker for me. But, given his plans for a federalized Iraq, his position on Pakistan and the reasonable but pragmatic view he has on Iran, I can get past the Iraq war vote.

Biden's been in the Senate for over 30 years. He's worked with majorities and minorities in congress. He's worked with Republican presidents and Democratic presidents. He's got the time in grade and has made good use of it. Check out his record and see for yourself. For now, at least, he's got my support and my vote.

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