Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Republican Candidates = Keystone Cops

Those of you too young to remember the Keystone Cops are excused. The rest of us know what the title of this post implies. The current crop of candidates vying for the Republican nomination are as large a bunch of blundering, bloviating, bags of hot air that I've ever seen. Of the bunch, (Romney, Giuliani, Thompson, McCain, Huckabee, Hunter, Tancredo, Paul), every one of them has put forward some disingenuous load of crap attempting to entice some faction of the Republicans to their table. Rudy's all 9/11 all the time ("pay no attention to my stances on abortion, gays, gun control, or basically anything I ever did in the past. I'm really a good conservative, really I am!), Romney's Mr. Fix it. "I can fix anything, just look what I did with the Olympics. Oh, by the way, I wasn't really serious when I said I was more liberal on gay rights than Ted Kennedy. You just have to talk to people in Massachusetts like that." "Oh, also, the Mormons aren't the boss of me!" "Oh, also, I'll quadruple the size of Gitmo and I'll bomb the Iranians back into the Stone Age!" "I'm tough, really I am!", McCain's like: "I'm the only true conservative in the bunch and when have I ever pandered?" Huckabee counters, "Oh No You Don't!" I'm the real conservative, look how much weight I've lost!", Paul's like: "What the F#!k are we doing in Iraq?" "Those people have the right to screw up their own country. We don't need any government telling us or anyone else what to do! The Free Market will save us all!" "By the way, I'm the only conservative here!" Tancredo replies: "Screw you all. We won't have any peace unless every illegal alien is rounded up and deported" Hunter's responding, "Hey, I'm really a congressman, and my name is Duncan Hunter.. That's D, U, N, C, A, N. Someone give me some press time!" And, Fred Thompson is asleep.

Right now, Rasmussen has the following poll data among registered Republicans:

Thompson - 17%
Giuliani - 23%
Romney - 12%
McCain - 13%
Huckabee - 13%

Giuliani is clearly in the lead on the National level. Things go the other way when you are looking at the state races. Iowa shows Romney leading with 29% and Thompson in second with 17%. Huckabee and Giuliani are at 12 and 11% respectively, with McCain showing at a paltry 7%. Iowa's important because it will establish someone with some winning credentials. New Hampshire will do the same. I'd say we should have a fairly clear indication of who the nominee will be by South Carolina. At any rate, Giuliani seems to be the national favorite. One has to wonder why. This guy is the the biggest fraud running for the nomination in either party. His only stance, message, and platform is fighting terrorism. He claims that his leadership on 9/11 shows that he can lead the country. Honestly, what did the guy do on 9/11? He walked around the site with a mask on pointing at various things and shouting instructions. Please, tell me how this qualifies him to be the President? The people who know him best, the firefighters and police in New York City revile him. Once again, other than spouting 9/11 every other breath and castigating Hillary Clinton with the ones in between, what does this guy have?

I don't want to spend a large amount of time commenting on any of these guys because it makes me nauseous. If this is the best the Republicans can do, (and by the way, it's not even am improvement on Bush, which is saying something), then I think republican voters should just stay home. My god, we've got a sorry state of candidates. Where's the Reagan? Where's the Bob Dole? At least these men had something to say and offer.

The Democratic field isn't much better. Obama's a light-weight, Clinton is simply more of the same in my view, and Edwards (while I like his views on Health Care and Poverty), just isn't making it happen. This will be one of the sorriest presidential elections in a long time. It's actually worse in my opinion than Bush vs. Dukakis.

Prediction: Clinton vs. Giuliani in the general with Rudy winning by a small margin. Why? Beats the hell out of me.

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