Friday, September 07, 2007

President Frat Boy

OK, so George shows up in a surprising visit to Anbar province in Iraq to celebrate the "successes" that coalition troops and Sunni tribesmen have had against Al Qaeda cells in the western part of the country. Good job supporting the troops. Really, this was good. But wait, you know what's gonna happen next. He's going to do something stupid.

Then poof, he jets off to Australia for the APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Council) summit and to jaw-bone with one of his remaining allies regarding the war in Iraq: Australia.

So, what does the CIC (Commander-In-Chief) tell the Deputy PM Mark Vaile? "We're Kicking Ass" in Iraq.

Jesus Christ. Doesn't this sound like frat-boy speak to you? I mean people are being killed in Iraq because of this guy and his comments to the representative of another country are that "we're kicking ass"?

I'm so sick of this juvenile. He is a complete embarrassment to the country. I wish he would just go away.

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