Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So Long Turd Blossom

What kind of person would tolerate a nickname like "Turd Blossom" anyway?

Anyway, Karl Rove announced his resignation yesterday in a somewhat emotional press conference along with his protege, George Walker Bush. Karl has made the all-too-typical announcement that it's time for him to get re-engaged with his family and as such leave political life. What lies in store for The Architect? Well, supposedly he's going back to Texas to work on a book about the Bush years.

Karl is indeed a very effective political strategist. While the last few years have not worked out as he had hoped, he was ridiculously successful pushing forward young George first into the governorship of Texas, and then on to two terms as president. Say what you want about him, he did the job.

Now, many people, democratic and republican operatives alike despise Karl Rove because he was all about winning for George. Many people attribute the fracture in the Congress to Karl's politicizing of just about every administrative function in the executive branch. Regardless, Karl is a winner and did what everyone else thought he couldn't do: Get an absolute moron elected to the presidency. I despise Karl Rove and his ilk, but have to give him credit for pulling off one of the biggest cons ever foisted upon the American people.

Karl, when the book is closed on the Bush Presidency, I hope you think long and hard on the misery you helped bring to the United States. That's a false hope of course, because you'll likely be working on Jeb Bush's presidential run for 2012.

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  1. Victoria2:35 PM

    I could not wait to read what you would say once I had hard about Rove. You did not disappoint and I agree with you completely.