Friday, June 01, 2007

Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Too bad for you! And me, and pretty much anyone but the Bush administration it seems. A recent article by the AP (author Pete Yost) disclosed the efforts the Bush Administration is making to declare visitor's logs to the white house as "presidential", and therefore able to be kept secret. The efforts undertaken by this administration to cloak their activities in a veil of darkness is extraordinary. Starting with the Vice President's Energy Task Force way back in 2001, to the failure to disclose information regarding the Attorney General's involvement in the recent Justice Department purge scandal, the Bush team has kept mum and not disclosed much about anything.

Oh, they opine and whine, that this is all about presidential privilege and that if information was disclosed that they would not get the frank and important advice a president so needs to conduct their daily affairs! "We must have the ability of guarding the president and vice-president's private conversations they" wail. Absolute Rubbish.

This notion that public employees have a right to conceal their actions and conversations from their employers, namely you and me has gotten way out of hand. Oh, I think we ought to keep the missile codes secret and we shouldn't divulge military secrets or intelligence secrets that might put our people in harms way, but goddammit if I want to know what the VEEP had to say to the heads of Enron, Exxon, Chevron and all the other little "rons" I should be able to know.

Ask yourself this. If an employee of your business was conducting their meetings, spending your money, performing tasks in your names without your knowledge and when you asked, said "I'm sorry, you can't know the details because it might put the deal at risk" what would you do? I'd fire their ass that minute. I hope that is what we are planning to do to this group come 2008.

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