Tuesday, June 12, 2007

589 Days

Today is June 12, 2007. There are 589 days left in the Bush administration's stranglehold over our consitution. I'll continue the countdown with a feature called Reasons for wishing the Bush nightmare was over with.

Reason 589: Bush and his minions are planning military action in Iran. The NIC (Nimrod in Chief)'s dismissal of Peter Pace, recent ex-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who had taken a somewhat different view of Iran's threat against us is the first wave in clearing the decks for air-strikes into Iran against their nuclear facilities.
President Loser evidently feels he is still doing God's work in attempting to rid the planet of "evil-doers" by taking on yet another of the Axis-of-EVIL...
Recognize that Iran is a country in transition. There are more young Iranians than old ones. Their attitudes are increasingly more secular than sectarian, and they are smart. If left alone, they will get eventually do away with their own President Doofus and the Islamic clerics who run the country. Let's think this through folks. Do we really want to bomb another country that has posed no imminent threat to us?
Iran is a major customer of China and Russia. What happens when we cut off major sources of revenue for them? Is this a smart foreign policy? Or, as is more likely, is it the continued lunacy of George, Dick and the shit-for-brains neo-cons who get downright orgasmic at the idea of another war?
You decide.
Only 589 days left America. The sun WILL come up again.
Tell me what you think,

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