Wednesday, June 13, 2007

588 Days

Well boys and girls, only 588 days until the poser in the White House is back at the ranch for good. It's a wonderful thought, knowing that the time is running out on this festering carbuncle of a president. The only thing that concerns me is that this administration has another 588 days to continue screwing things up. As in yesterday's post, there are many reasons to celebrate the not-too distant demise of the Bush era.

Reason 588:

We've lost the notion of being a "fair" country. When one of the surviving members of the prosecution team of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg decides to speak out about the war tribunals at Guantanamo and say they are patently unfair, then you know we've gone over the line. This man, Henry King Jr., says what we are doing not only violates the principles of the Nuremberg trials, but also the spirit of the 1949 Geneva Conventions well. Mr. King is 88 years old, long past the time he should be worried about our nation's approach to justice. Thank goodness he still cares because it seems few others do.

America is still viewed by many as the land of opportunity and justice. Millions of immigrants come to our country in search of a better life for themselves and their families. The fact they do is a testament to the stalwart defense of justice and fairness of people like Mr. King and not the current leadership we have in Washington.

I love my country and am proud that the founders established a set of rules of governance that protected most of the people regardless of class (I say most because of the lack of courage on slavery) by holding firm on habeas corpus and other civil rights protections. The wisdom those men had was monumental, especially when you compare it with the intellectual midgets current running our nation into the ground.

Only 588 days.

See you tomorrow.


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