Saturday, June 16, 2007

585 Days

585 days until liberty ladies and gentlemen. By the way, remember back to 2001, after the attacks on New York and Washington occurred, our Commander in Chief looked us straight in the eye and said we'll bring the people who did this to justice? When it was confirmed that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks, the President said "wanted dead or alive". He even put a $25 Million bounty on his head.

Since that time, we've spend several billion dollars evidently looking for Osama in other places besides where we thought he was (which was Pakistan or Afghanistan). Remember Tora Bora? We evidently had him surrounded but didn't capture him. Hmmm. The sneaky bastard must have slinked into Iraq which is why we are there right? Couldn't be anything else, could it? After all, the President wouldn't stop looking for OBL would he?

Well, yes he would. Reason 585 for praying for an end to the Administration of the Absurd. The CIA under Bush's watch decides to close the group focusing on finding Osama Bin Laden. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we've decided not to spend as much effort looking for Osama Bin Laden as we are looking for anyone on the FBI's most wanted list.

One would think, if a wealthy, radical fundamentalist, bent on eradicating all western presence from what he considers sacred land, and had actually attacked us, Great Britain, Indonesia, Spain, and other places around the world it might keep our attention. Of course one would also have to think there are competent people running the government for that to be the case. Oh well.

See you tomorrow kiddies.

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