Sunday, June 17, 2007

584 Days

Happy Father's Day to all my fellow dads. I celebrated Father's Day like many Americans. My kids gave me gifts and told me they loved me and that I was a good Dad. It's a pretty simple thing and not extravagant or note-worthy. It is however much more than the kids who have lost their dad's in Iraq, or even those who have dads in Iraq who aren't able to be home. It's way much more than the dad's who have lost sons and daughters in Iraq. To date, there have been 3519 American children of dads killed in George Bush's war. There are 3519 Father's days forever tarnished because they lost their children in a war of choice.
I'm sure the President got a call from Jenna and Barbara today wishing him well. George, I'm certain loves his children and was happy to receive the call from them. Now, I hope the least he can do is get on his knees and beg his god for forgiveness for denying 3519 fathers the same simple gift.
584 days. I usually close with something snarky about the president, his minions and their associated stupidity. Today, I'm simply sad for the dads in Iraq away from their kids and I'm sad for the kids who've lost their dads and I'm sad for the father's who've lost their kids.

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