Monday, June 18, 2007

583 Days

Day 583 to "Liberty Day". I'm calling it Liberty Day from now on because I believe that is when we get our country back. As I'm writing the daily entries, it occurs to me the time is moving quickly. That being said, there is still quite a bit of time for George and his cronies to really bugger things up worse. What's really, really scare is the article linked to the title page of this post. George and the rest of the neocons have made it plain that they will use nuclear weapons if they have to to combat the evil-doers. They've even gone to lengths to fund research into "tactical-nucliear" weapons that are capable of being used as bunker busters or in effect having the ability to destroy targets that are under ground.
Boys and Girls, I want to you think carefully on this. This is the administration that decided to preemptively invade Iraq because of the idea that Saddam might, might, be pursuing nuclear weapons. Now, this administration wants us to support their efforts in building a new series of nucear weapons that will not be used as deterrents. No, they will be front-line, tactical weapons used in a scheme to destroy targets. Where would these targets be you ask? Well of course only in the evil-doers lair. Somewhat like the Dr. Evil character on the Austin Powers movies, or SPECTRE in the James Bond films. Nonsense. The targets would be in civilian locations buried under stores, villages, schools, hospitals and the like. Think these would only be used in places like Afghanistan? Think again. This administration would have no compunction at all in using them in civilian locales. Why do I say that? Well, because we've used White Phosphorous in Iraq. We've used depleted uranium projectiles in Iraq. We'll use what we have, because as Don Rumsfeld once elegantly put it, "you go to war with what you have".
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have much to be watchful about with this administration. After all, this is a President who believes he's doing "God's work". Why not go all out and use "God's Hell" (read Nuclear fire) to eradicate the "evil-doers".
The development of Nuclear Weapons utimately leads to their usage. It's happened before. We rationalized this because we thought the threat was great enough. We are seeing an administration attempt to build the threat up to the level that we would actually accept the notion that we must build more.
I personally oppose any president building more nuclear weapons if he can't pronounce the word correctly. Hear that George (New cue lur) Bush?

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