Thursday, June 21, 2007

580 Days

580 days to Liberation Day. Reason 580 for wishing for an end to the Bush Presidency? Hypocrisy. Yesterday, the president vetoed a bill that would have provided federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. Mr. Bush's position on this: We should not have to take a life to save a life. Oh Really?

Forgoing for a moment the upcoming rant on the enormously hypocritical perspective the president has, let's get a bit of information out there on the stem cell issue. The president doesn't want to halt stem cell research. That's a lie that some people have been spreading that have become almost as hysterical on the matter as he has. What the president wants, and for the moment, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt as to his sincerity, is to not fund with federal monies the research into embryonic stem cells that requires the destruction of a fertilized embryo. Mr. Bush's position is that this is ending a human life when the embryo is destroyed to obtain the stem cells for research.

The following link has an excellent primer on stem-cells and the three classes that are in play: Totipotent, which are stem-cells found in embryos that can turn into any type of cell and hold the most promise for potential cures for a variety of illness; Pluripotent, which are stem-cells that can turn into many different types of cells; and Multi-potent, which are stem cells frequently called "Adult" stem-cells and are found in bone-marrow and other tissue. Totipotent stem-cells require the destruction of the embryo to obtain, and therein lies the issue. The president is pushing hard for research by the National Institute of Health towards the research into Pluripotent and Multipotent stem-cells and as well he should. However, he's avoiding the serious discussion about the promise of Totipotent stem-cells and the "greater-good". I'll get to this notion in a moment.

What's not discussed in this debate is the fact that embryos are often destroyed on a regular basis by fertility clinics. The controversy here is while Mr. Bush will take a hard line on what federal research funding he will support, he has never made a public statement decrying the loss of the Embryos that are a by-product of in vitro fertilization and of which thousands are destroyed regularly. Example 1 of the rank hypocrisy of this administration.

Now, assuming he's not simply pandering to his base, and he really believes this, then I'll give him his props for standing up for what he believes.

However, I am not convinced of his sincerity. Example 2 of Bush's hypocrisy on the issue of sanctity of life and that we should not take a life to save a life. Iraq. Over 3500 dead service men and women and god knows how many Iraqis. How do you square this Mr. President? Are you telling us that somehow these soldiers and the Iraqis lives are less important than an embryo, which only has the chance of becoming human?

Mr. Bush, you are a hypocrite of the most odious nature. You sir, would not hesitate to lay-waste to a village in Iraq if you thought you could kill a terrorist. You will bemoan the loss of innocent life as "unfortunate and accidental", but keep right on doing it.

Please sir, just go away.



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