Wednesday, June 27, 2007

574 Days

Not much to say today ladies and gents.

It's 574 days until Liberty Day. I just want to remind everyone that the 2008 elections are coming up and there is no better reminder that we need to take seriously our obligations to make considered decisions when we elect our president than the picture on this post.

If you don't believe that votes have consequences, then you need to visit the following web-site:

To date: 3567 US service deaths.



Tuesday, June 26, 2007

575 Days

575 days until Liberty Day ladies and gents. One of the great things about this country is our right to say what we think without fear of reprisal from the government. This right allows me to write rants about George Bush and other matters that I want to voice an opinion on. This right is one of the distinctions of America and has been a hallmark of our fundamental freedoms.
So, I was very pleased to see the article linked to the title of this post. High school students who are part of the Presidential Scholars program collaborated on a letter to the president urging him to disavow torture.
According to the article, the handwritten letter said the students "believe we have a responsibility to voice our convictions."
"We do not want America to represent torture. We urge you to do all in your power to stop violations of the human rights of detainees, to cease illegal renditions, and to apply the Geneva Convention to all detainees, including those designated enemy combatants," the letter said.
The president's spokesperson, Dana Perino indicated that the president appreciated the letter and indicated that we do not torture and we value human rights.
It is interesting that the students felt that they needed to write this letter. According to Ms. Perino, our policy is clear, and we do not torture. Why then, did the students take this bold stance and challenge our president to change a policy which according to his spokesperson he does not have?
Well, it's pretty simple. The students know from information provided via multiple sources, that our hands are dirty. Whether it's at Gitmo or extraordinary rendition to countries "comfortable" with intensive interrogation techniques we would not use, the United States has tarnished itself by utilizing these methods of questioning prisoners in our "war on terror".
The students have it right. The president has it wrong. We need to believe as a people that there are some things our government will not do as a matter of principle. Torture is one of them no matter what name you apply to it.
Bravo to the students,
Reason 575 for wishing an end to this mess: Mr. Bush has to be told right from wrong by high-school students. Isn't this backward? Shouldn't leaders of our country be inspiring and teaching our youth? Thank God for these students. Perhaps he will listen to them. It's certain he is not listening to anyone else.

Monday, June 25, 2007

576 Days

Sorry I missed day 577. I was traveling to the UK on business. The link on the title page takes you to a story regarding an expectation that the president will veto an aid package that reverses the ban on discussing contraception. Staying true to his base, the president is expected to veto the bill.

This is typical Right Wing fundamentalism. First, no they want no abortions. Now, the don't want to support contraception. What's going on here?

Day 577 for wishing the Bush administration had been a victim of contraception...

Reason 577 - Stupid family planning policy.



Saturday, June 23, 2007

578 Days

578 days until Liberty Day. 578 days until we say goodbye to Dumb and Scarier here to the left of us. what did our country possibly see in these two that convinced them we would be better off having these guys run the country? Was it their charisma? Was it there vision for the future? Was it "That certain something"?
Whatever the reason, we've elected these guys twice. Granted the first one was very fishy regarding the results, but none the less they got the job. Problem I have with them, is that they behave like they "own" the place, and not that they are temporary occupants of the office.
Hubris is defined as overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors
While it is common for presidents to have incredible egos, it's not common for them to think they deserve unquestioned loyalty and that every branch of the government out to kneel and bow to their wishes and that they are not bound by any rule or law that they don't like.
Now, the The White House said Friday that, like Vice President Dick Cheney's office, President Bush's office is exempt from a presidential order requiring government agencies that handle classified national security information to submit to oversight by an independent federal watchdog," the Los Angeles Times will report today.
Reason 578 for wanting this rotting, festering and putrid administration to end: Hubris.
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.
-- Proverbs 16: 18-19 (KJV)
Supposedly the President is a religious man. Perhaps he should reread this passage of the Bible.

Friday, June 22, 2007

579 Days

The picture on this post is supposed to be an "over the top" indictment of Dick Cheney comparing him with the characther of Big Brother in Orwell's dystopian novel "1984". Of course, that's a bit of a stretch isn't it? This could never happen in America right? Well, probably, although there are some chilling bits of information that have recently come to light regarding this administration's fundamental disregard of or skirting the constitutional boundaries of the executive branch of government. Unless you've been hiding under a rock you know the Bush Administration has been flagrant in their abuse of presidential power. Whether it's through signing statements that the President uses to essentially alter legislation passed by Congress, or the administration's refusal to hand over information at the request of the Congress, this executive branch has moved more towards autocracy than any other in our nation's brief history. Remember the President's tantrum in the Oval Office when he was discussing the constitutionality of the Patriot Act? "It's Just a God Damned Piece of Paper!" the president allegedly screamed at one of the members of the meeting. Fellow citizens of Oceania, we must be very careful in our discussions going forward. Remember, Big Brother is watching and listening!

Reason 579 for wishing an end to this god awful experience: Vice President Dick Cheney and his blatant disregard and disrespect of the framework of our constitutional government.

Until tomorrow Proles,


Winston Smith, er...

actually Dennis

Thursday, June 21, 2007

580 Days

580 days to Liberation Day. Reason 580 for wishing for an end to the Bush Presidency? Hypocrisy. Yesterday, the president vetoed a bill that would have provided federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. Mr. Bush's position on this: We should not have to take a life to save a life. Oh Really?

Forgoing for a moment the upcoming rant on the enormously hypocritical perspective the president has, let's get a bit of information out there on the stem cell issue. The president doesn't want to halt stem cell research. That's a lie that some people have been spreading that have become almost as hysterical on the matter as he has. What the president wants, and for the moment, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt as to his sincerity, is to not fund with federal monies the research into embryonic stem cells that requires the destruction of a fertilized embryo. Mr. Bush's position is that this is ending a human life when the embryo is destroyed to obtain the stem cells for research.

The following link has an excellent primer on stem-cells and the three classes that are in play: Totipotent, which are stem-cells found in embryos that can turn into any type of cell and hold the most promise for potential cures for a variety of illness; Pluripotent, which are stem-cells that can turn into many different types of cells; and Multi-potent, which are stem cells frequently called "Adult" stem-cells and are found in bone-marrow and other tissue. Totipotent stem-cells require the destruction of the embryo to obtain, and therein lies the issue. The president is pushing hard for research by the National Institute of Health towards the research into Pluripotent and Multipotent stem-cells and as well he should. However, he's avoiding the serious discussion about the promise of Totipotent stem-cells and the "greater-good". I'll get to this notion in a moment.

What's not discussed in this debate is the fact that embryos are often destroyed on a regular basis by fertility clinics. The controversy here is while Mr. Bush will take a hard line on what federal research funding he will support, he has never made a public statement decrying the loss of the Embryos that are a by-product of in vitro fertilization and of which thousands are destroyed regularly. Example 1 of the rank hypocrisy of this administration.

Now, assuming he's not simply pandering to his base, and he really believes this, then I'll give him his props for standing up for what he believes.

However, I am not convinced of his sincerity. Example 2 of Bush's hypocrisy on the issue of sanctity of life and that we should not take a life to save a life. Iraq. Over 3500 dead service men and women and god knows how many Iraqis. How do you square this Mr. President? Are you telling us that somehow these soldiers and the Iraqis lives are less important than an embryo, which only has the chance of becoming human?

Mr. Bush, you are a hypocrite of the most odious nature. You sir, would not hesitate to lay-waste to a village in Iraq if you thought you could kill a terrorist. You will bemoan the loss of innocent life as "unfortunate and accidental", but keep right on doing it.

Please sir, just go away.



Wednesday, June 20, 2007

581 Days

Day 581 until the long National Nightmare is over. 661 days ago, one of the worst natural disasters in our history occurred when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi. Over 1800 deaths and $80B in damage later, The Gulf Coast region is still recovering. New Orleans is half the size it was in terms of population before the hurricane hit. While re-construction is occurring and signs of recovery are present, the situation in Louisiana and Mississippi is slow in its progress. Why do I lay this at the feet of the Bush Administration? While there are certainly more actors in this play than the federal government, the Bush Administration has squandered enormous opportunity to show how government can help heal. Since Bush's last visit to New Orleans, little press coverage is provided on the region, the stories of recovery and our efforts as a country to help in the work to make a home again for those who had their lives destroyed by this storm and our government's subsequent ineptness to respond.
Are things improving in Mississippi and Louisiana? To be sure. However, we are also seeing the by-product of the storm and its aftermath. Stress, higher death rates, crime, and a general sense of "oh well, Katrina's yesterday's news" has set in. Thank god for people like Harry Shearer of "Le Show" and The Huffington Post who has made it a personal mission to keep a history of the actions toward Katrina recovery.
The Bush administration has squandered an opportunity to help our neighbors in the gulf-coast recover. We could have been seeing press-conferences of federal, state and municipal leaders reporting progress and urging those who were displaced to come home and rebuild. But no. The Bush Administration failed in the test of leadership to bring these people together and is more interested in selling a phony war than helping someone get their house back. For shame Mr. President.
See you tomorrow,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

582 Days

582 days until Liberation Day! That's only about 83 weeks, or 19 months, or 1.6 years away from George and Laura riding off into the sunset. Oh happy day it will be. Oh, just thinking about it makes me want to start a retirement fund for George and Laura. Would you contribute a buck? Would it be worth $1 to see him gone? Really, it is high time we in America showed our appreciation to the Commander/Decider by putting together a little care package for them.

Reason 582 for impatiently awaiting Liberation Day. George has unwittingly (or wittingly, who knows these days) acted as fuel to the current middle east conflagration. Now, instead of only 1 civil war occurring in the region, we effectively have 3. Iraq (Shia vs Sunni), Lebanon (government vs Hezbollah (Iranian) backed rebels), Palestine (Hamas vs Fatah). Sounds like the weekend card at a WWF exhibition doesn't it. It would almost be humorous if it wasn't so sad.

How's that effort for instilling Democracy in the region working out for ya Dubya?

See you all tomorrow boys and girls.


Monday, June 18, 2007

583 Days

Day 583 to "Liberty Day". I'm calling it Liberty Day from now on because I believe that is when we get our country back. As I'm writing the daily entries, it occurs to me the time is moving quickly. That being said, there is still quite a bit of time for George and his cronies to really bugger things up worse. What's really, really scare is the article linked to the title page of this post. George and the rest of the neocons have made it plain that they will use nuclear weapons if they have to to combat the evil-doers. They've even gone to lengths to fund research into "tactical-nucliear" weapons that are capable of being used as bunker busters or in effect having the ability to destroy targets that are under ground.
Boys and Girls, I want to you think carefully on this. This is the administration that decided to preemptively invade Iraq because of the idea that Saddam might, might, be pursuing nuclear weapons. Now, this administration wants us to support their efforts in building a new series of nucear weapons that will not be used as deterrents. No, they will be front-line, tactical weapons used in a scheme to destroy targets. Where would these targets be you ask? Well of course only in the evil-doers lair. Somewhat like the Dr. Evil character on the Austin Powers movies, or SPECTRE in the James Bond films. Nonsense. The targets would be in civilian locations buried under stores, villages, schools, hospitals and the like. Think these would only be used in places like Afghanistan? Think again. This administration would have no compunction at all in using them in civilian locales. Why do I say that? Well, because we've used White Phosphorous in Iraq. We've used depleted uranium projectiles in Iraq. We'll use what we have, because as Don Rumsfeld once elegantly put it, "you go to war with what you have".
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have much to be watchful about with this administration. After all, this is a President who believes he's doing "God's work". Why not go all out and use "God's Hell" (read Nuclear fire) to eradicate the "evil-doers".
The development of Nuclear Weapons utimately leads to their usage. It's happened before. We rationalized this because we thought the threat was great enough. We are seeing an administration attempt to build the threat up to the level that we would actually accept the notion that we must build more.
I personally oppose any president building more nuclear weapons if he can't pronounce the word correctly. Hear that George (New cue lur) Bush?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

584 Days

Happy Father's Day to all my fellow dads. I celebrated Father's Day like many Americans. My kids gave me gifts and told me they loved me and that I was a good Dad. It's a pretty simple thing and not extravagant or note-worthy. It is however much more than the kids who have lost their dad's in Iraq, or even those who have dads in Iraq who aren't able to be home. It's way much more than the dad's who have lost sons and daughters in Iraq. To date, there have been 3519 American children of dads killed in George Bush's war. There are 3519 Father's days forever tarnished because they lost their children in a war of choice.
I'm sure the President got a call from Jenna and Barbara today wishing him well. George, I'm certain loves his children and was happy to receive the call from them. Now, I hope the least he can do is get on his knees and beg his god for forgiveness for denying 3519 fathers the same simple gift.
584 days. I usually close with something snarky about the president, his minions and their associated stupidity. Today, I'm simply sad for the dads in Iraq away from their kids and I'm sad for the kids who've lost their dads and I'm sad for the father's who've lost their kids.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

585 Days

585 days until liberty ladies and gentlemen. By the way, remember back to 2001, after the attacks on New York and Washington occurred, our Commander in Chief looked us straight in the eye and said we'll bring the people who did this to justice? When it was confirmed that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks, the President said "wanted dead or alive". He even put a $25 Million bounty on his head.

Since that time, we've spend several billion dollars evidently looking for Osama in other places besides where we thought he was (which was Pakistan or Afghanistan). Remember Tora Bora? We evidently had him surrounded but didn't capture him. Hmmm. The sneaky bastard must have slinked into Iraq which is why we are there right? Couldn't be anything else, could it? After all, the President wouldn't stop looking for OBL would he?

Well, yes he would. Reason 585 for praying for an end to the Administration of the Absurd. The CIA under Bush's watch decides to close the group focusing on finding Osama Bin Laden. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we've decided not to spend as much effort looking for Osama Bin Laden as we are looking for anyone on the FBI's most wanted list.

One would think, if a wealthy, radical fundamentalist, bent on eradicating all western presence from what he considers sacred land, and had actually attacked us, Great Britain, Indonesia, Spain, and other places around the world it might keep our attention. Of course one would also have to think there are competent people running the government for that to be the case. Oh well.

See you tomorrow kiddies.

Friday, June 15, 2007

586 Days

586 days from now, at exactly 12:01pm eastern time, America will be free from the current form of tyranny that is resident in the White House. Huzzah! George and Laura, Dick and Lynne will no longer be able to foist themselves upon an unapproving (How's that 29% approval rating going by the way W?) public and we will not be forced to suffer their idiotic policies.

The genius of our political systems is that we have a chance for redemption if we make a catastrophic mistake. Thank goodness someone had the foresight to enact the 22nd amendment limiting presidents to two terms in office.

Reason 586 for wishing the Bush Administration was history: Bush Administration's war on science.

Whether it's the "decider" deciding that intelligent design should be taught in the classroom alongside evolution, or his administration's censorship of government scientist who disagree with administration policy, the Bush team doesn't like science. Unless of course it supports their agenda.

Since early 2002, Nobel Laureates and eminent scientists have voiced their concerns over the Bush administration's efforts to edit and shape scientific studies done by government scientists in an effort to control their findings. Don't like the studies on climate change? No problem, just change them!

Bush supporters, and they are out there, will tell you that Bush doesn't hate science, he just wants a fair and balanced discussion. He simply wants all sides to be heard. If someone teaches evolution, then someone should be able to teach the alternative. Only problem, the alternative is not science in the case of intelligent design. It's mythology. Now, don't get me wrong. If you want to believe the earth was created in 6 days, by all means do so. Just don't call it science.

Only 586 more days. Only 586 more days...



Thursday, June 14, 2007

587 Days

587 days and counting. Boys and girls, here is reason 587 days for wishing the Bush Administration to be consigned to the dust-bin of history.

The Bush administration sanctions and routinely supports countries that have active torture programs. The Bush administration lies about supporting torture. (I know this is two reasons, but what the hell)
The link on the title bar describes the story of one Sameh Khouzam, an Egyptian national who lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Mr. Khousam, as the story describes was siezed by authories in New York when he went to check in with immigration officials as he has done many times in the past. This time however, he was put in jail and told he would be deported to Egypt where he was allegedly wanted for murder. The deportation would occur in 72 hours.

Mr. Khousam was saved from deportation by a federal judge who after listening to arguments from the ACLU granted a stay. However he still faces deportation as early as June 18th. Why is he in this country? Is he here to blow up a building? Is he here to foment radical islamic ideas? No. Mr. Khousam is a Christian, and fled to the United States from Egypt after persecution for his beliefs.

As reported in the story from Amrit Singh on the Huffing Post:

In 1998, Mr. Khouzam escaped to the United States, seeking asylum from religious persecution in Egypt, where he says he was repeatedly tortured by Egyptian officials because he is a Christian. He has been beaten, sodomized with a rubber hose, and stabbed with a screwdriver-like instrument. In 2000, the Board of Immigration Appeals credited a Pennsylvania physician's conclusion that Mr. Khouzam's multiple medical scars were consistent with his account of torture.

Mr. Khouzam's family members have also been the subject of systematic assault and persecution by Egyptian officials -- his wife and mother were abducted and detained on separate occasions, his wife was repeatedly raped for three days, and his brother was forced to denounce his Christian faith.

Instead of being granted asylum, Mr. Khouzam was jailed by the U.S. government based on a claim by Egypt that he was wanted for murder -- despite the absence of credible evidence such as an autopsy report. He remained locked up in prison for eight years. Six years into his detention, an appeals court found that he could not be deported to Egypt because he was likely to be tortured there. Despite that finding, Mr. Khouzam remained in detention for another two years until a federal district court ordered that he had to be released because his removal to Egypt was not reasonably foreseeable.

Torture in Egypt is a well-known fact. The U.S. State Department has documented numerous accounts of torture and abuse of prisoners by Egyptian security forces and other government entities. The State Department has also documented widespread persecution and discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities in Egypt.

We know the United States government under the Bush Administration has sanctioned "extraordinary rendition" of enemy combatants to places where torture is an excepted practice. Several of the Republican Candidates for President seemingly sanction this (except John McCain, who after experiencing the treatment first-hand wisely says torture is immoral) method of combatting the "evil-doers". George Bush has repeatedly said that the United States does not torture and does not sanction torture.

Mr. President, Your pants are officially on fire...

See you tomorrow kiddies.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

588 Days

Well boys and girls, only 588 days until the poser in the White House is back at the ranch for good. It's a wonderful thought, knowing that the time is running out on this festering carbuncle of a president. The only thing that concerns me is that this administration has another 588 days to continue screwing things up. As in yesterday's post, there are many reasons to celebrate the not-too distant demise of the Bush era.

Reason 588:

We've lost the notion of being a "fair" country. When one of the surviving members of the prosecution team of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg decides to speak out about the war tribunals at Guantanamo and say they are patently unfair, then you know we've gone over the line. This man, Henry King Jr., says what we are doing not only violates the principles of the Nuremberg trials, but also the spirit of the 1949 Geneva Conventions well. Mr. King is 88 years old, long past the time he should be worried about our nation's approach to justice. Thank goodness he still cares because it seems few others do.

America is still viewed by many as the land of opportunity and justice. Millions of immigrants come to our country in search of a better life for themselves and their families. The fact they do is a testament to the stalwart defense of justice and fairness of people like Mr. King and not the current leadership we have in Washington.

I love my country and am proud that the founders established a set of rules of governance that protected most of the people regardless of class (I say most because of the lack of courage on slavery) by holding firm on habeas corpus and other civil rights protections. The wisdom those men had was monumental, especially when you compare it with the intellectual midgets current running our nation into the ground.

Only 588 days.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

589 Days

Today is June 12, 2007. There are 589 days left in the Bush administration's stranglehold over our consitution. I'll continue the countdown with a feature called Reasons for wishing the Bush nightmare was over with.

Reason 589: Bush and his minions are planning military action in Iran. The NIC (Nimrod in Chief)'s dismissal of Peter Pace, recent ex-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who had taken a somewhat different view of Iran's threat against us is the first wave in clearing the decks for air-strikes into Iran against their nuclear facilities.
President Loser evidently feels he is still doing God's work in attempting to rid the planet of "evil-doers" by taking on yet another of the Axis-of-EVIL...
Recognize that Iran is a country in transition. There are more young Iranians than old ones. Their attitudes are increasingly more secular than sectarian, and they are smart. If left alone, they will get eventually do away with their own President Doofus and the Islamic clerics who run the country. Let's think this through folks. Do we really want to bomb another country that has posed no imminent threat to us?
Iran is a major customer of China and Russia. What happens when we cut off major sources of revenue for them? Is this a smart foreign policy? Or, as is more likely, is it the continued lunacy of George, Dick and the shit-for-brains neo-cons who get downright orgasmic at the idea of another war?
You decide.
Only 589 days left America. The sun WILL come up again.
Tell me what you think,

Monday, June 11, 2007

590 Days

Today is June 11, 2007. There are 590 days left in the Bush presidency. I'm counting down to this major event as I and many of my fellow Americans look upon 12:01 pm eastern time January 20, 2009 as a day of liberation. Regardless of which party sends the next occupant to the White House, they will be sent with one primary mission. End this nightmare in Iraq.

Mr. Bush will hopefully ride off into the sunset to his ranch in Crawford and not show himself for many years. As he claims to be a Christian, perhaps he can spend the majority of his retirement atoning for the tragedy he has unleashed on the world and realize that that Jesus would have had nothing to do with this war. While I do not wish ill to the man I do hope he has no peace until he truly understands what he has done and asks for foregiveness. It is the one thing that can redeem him. Until then, I hope the ghosts of of the peoople killed in Iraq as a result of his decision visit him in the night, causing him fitful and restless sleep and to make him think hard about the hell he unleashed on the world. Conservative estimates tell us that around 40,000 people have been killed in Iraq as a result of the war. Since the president is in his early 60's, and will probably live to his mid-80's, that's about 25 years of about 4 of the dead visiting him nightly...

"Those that sow the wind, reap the whirlind".

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Time For a Rest Cindy, and Thanks for Stepping Up

Cindy Sheehan, who you know as the mother of KIA Casey Sheehan and the face of the anti-war movment has decided to step down from her leadership position in the anti-war movment. She said in her "resignation letter" the following:

"I've been wondering why I'm killing myself and wondering why the Democrats caved in to George Bush," Sheehan told The Associated Press while driving from her property in Crawford to the airport, where she planned to return to her native California.
"I'm going home for awhile to try and be normal," she said.
In what she described as a "resignation letter," Sheehan wrote in her online diary on the Daily Kos blog: "Good-bye America ... you are not the country that I love and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I can't make you be that country unless you want it.
"It's up to you now."

While sounding bitter, one can easily sympathize with her feelings. Basically bereft of family and finances, her crusade to influence the American people to rally towards an anti-war attitude and force Washington into action has seen pitiful success. True, more people are getting exhausted of the war and the continued reporting of the dead, the continued blathering by the Democrats that "something" should be done, and the continued idiocy of this administration and their Republican syncophants (do you hear me Senator McCain?) that this clusterfuck in Iraq is a noble effort. As anyone can tell you, we would much rather see 24x7 news coverage of Paris Hilton's melt-down when she was forced to go back to the pokey for 45 days. WAR is simply uninteresting unless it's on HBO or some other video (and video game). It's no wonder that Cindy has said "fuck-it".

It is up to us. Why in the world do we think this misadventure in Iraq is still the right thing to do? I know, polls show that 60-70 percent of the population believes we should be out of Iraq. But are we? Has anything been done? Where is the outrage? As of now, there are more than 3500 Americans killed as a direct result of their involvement in Iraq. It's a small number, more than 10 times that many will die this year as a result of gun-related deaths in the US. However, it's symbolically huge in that every one of those 3500 people have died as the result of lies, contrivances, and even more insidious purposes: money and profit.

The Bush administration has made a calculated move to gain control over real estate that has the second largest deposits of crude-oil in the world. A sympathetic Iraq will easily provide our gluttonous appetites with as much oil as we can take. Bush, Cheney and the rest of the Oil-Cons (Oil oriented Conservatives), don't give a rats-behind about liberty or democracy. The only care about the oil. If they cared about democracy they would heed the American Public's message to do something different with Iraq. If they cared about liberty, they wouldn't have eroded Habeas Corpus, they wouldn't have illegally implemented wire-taps and other forms of surveillance, they wouldn't hold prisoners without charge and without trial, and most importantly, they wouldn't torture people, whether having the CIA do it or outsourcing it to other countries. No ladies and gentlemen, it's clear to me that OIL is the driver here and the suits in the west wing only care about control of the product and flow.

Cindy Sheehan has become another victim of this war. She has combat fatigue and her voice will be quiet for hopefully only a short while. Cindy, while you are at your rest, may God grant you peace and give you the assurance that you were strong in your convictions, right in your purpose and honored your son's memory.



Friday, June 01, 2007

Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Too bad for you! And me, and pretty much anyone but the Bush administration it seems. A recent article by the AP (author Pete Yost) disclosed the efforts the Bush Administration is making to declare visitor's logs to the white house as "presidential", and therefore able to be kept secret. The efforts undertaken by this administration to cloak their activities in a veil of darkness is extraordinary. Starting with the Vice President's Energy Task Force way back in 2001, to the failure to disclose information regarding the Attorney General's involvement in the recent Justice Department purge scandal, the Bush team has kept mum and not disclosed much about anything.

Oh, they opine and whine, that this is all about presidential privilege and that if information was disclosed that they would not get the frank and important advice a president so needs to conduct their daily affairs! "We must have the ability of guarding the president and vice-president's private conversations they" wail. Absolute Rubbish.

This notion that public employees have a right to conceal their actions and conversations from their employers, namely you and me has gotten way out of hand. Oh, I think we ought to keep the missile codes secret and we shouldn't divulge military secrets or intelligence secrets that might put our people in harms way, but goddammit if I want to know what the VEEP had to say to the heads of Enron, Exxon, Chevron and all the other little "rons" I should be able to know.

Ask yourself this. If an employee of your business was conducting their meetings, spending your money, performing tasks in your names without your knowledge and when you asked, said "I'm sorry, you can't know the details because it might put the deal at risk" what would you do? I'd fire their ass that minute. I hope that is what we are planning to do to this group come 2008.

Tell me what you think.