Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Many Times Does This Have to Happen?

Once again, we've seen tragedy come to this country in the form of Mass Murder. The recent killings at Virginia Tech are a stark reminder that the security of the people of this country should not just be focused on external matters. The 33 people killed were done so at the hand of a madman. Forgive me my pending rant, but this is not about guns. The current noise level in Washington is rising regarding guns. Some are yelling for gun control, others, like President Doofus are immediately proclaiming their steafast support for the right to bear arms.

Whether it's a campus, a church, a restaurant, school yard, no one is safe from insanity. We need to wake up and recognize there is something wrong when a 23 year old kid can go completely off the deep end without anyone knowing and suddenly out of the blue start shooting people. Why didn't anyone pick up the signals that his guy was a nutjob and start talking about it? Are we so insular and internally focused that we can't look at our neighbor and see danger signals? Or, more importanlty, are we so concerned about not offending someone if we speak out that we ignore the danger signals? How many times have you heard the phrase "None of my business, why should I get involved?" I've said it. I'm sure you've said it or thought it, but this I think is the crux of the issue. We have decided to avoid the other guy because of whatever reason. We may be too busy. We may be afraid. We may not care. Regardless of the reason, we've gotten fragmented as a community. We really need to start looking out for each other and that's the bottom line. If you see someone in need of help, help . If you see someone who may be a danger to someone, inform somebody about it. Take some action. No amount of gun control nor gun ownership will rectify these problems.