Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Walter Reed Disgrace

The news media has been all over the problems at Walter Reed Hospital like a dog on a fresh bone. Disgrace! How could they? What a catastrophe!
Of course, they are right, but it strikes me a bit like Claude Raines in Casablanca declaring "I'm Shocked! Shocked to find gambling going on in here!" at Rick's nightclub just before receiving his winnings from the croupier. The dismal conditions at military health installations has been reported as far back as 2004. Investigation into the problems were effectively quashed by the Department of Defense which is an extension of the executive branch of government.
The disgrace to me is not the fact that we have soldiers living and receiving treatment in squalid conditions. Of course this is reprehensible and the situation must be improved immediately. No one should have to lie in their own urine least of all US Soldiers. Forgive me if I don't offer the platitudes regarding how brave our soldiers are, etc. etc. They are of course. But this situation is repugnant regardless of whether it's a soldier, a person in a nursing home, or any citizen in a hospital.
Everyone knows or should know by now that the problems lies in the White House. This administration is the most inept, incompetent and downright uncaring group of people that I've seen in government in my lifetime. I'm bone tired and sick of the too numerous to count fuckups of this administration.
I absolutely cannot wait for January 22, 2009.
Write your congressman and bitch-slap them for being asleep at the wheel while this mess at Walter Reed is going on. I have one simple question for them all: How could you not know about this?
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