Sunday, February 18, 2007

Will He or Won't He?

Former Vice President turned climate guru Al Gore recently told the BBC that he had no intentions of running for president in 2008. Mr. Gore has repeatedly said variations of this mantra over the last 6 years. Will he or won't he? Only he and Tipper probably know for sure.

Mr. Gore is controversial. He is at the same time hailed for his wisdom and work on making us aware of the climatological dangers we are facing from global warming, and reviled as a "huckster" just out to keep his name in the press and make a lot of money. Oh yes, Mr. Gore generates a lot of opinion.

Democrats see him as somewhat of a wronged and noble knight who was defeated by an evil machine during his run for the presidency in 2000. Republicans see him as a sore loser who ran an incompetent and ineffectual campaign against a less than formidable opponent. What's the truth there? Who really knows? Probably a little of both. Mr. Gore has been busy over the last six years however. He started a business "CurrentTV", joined the board of several corporations including Apple Inc. , and has been evangelizing on climate issues with his book and movie: "An Inconvenient Truth". To be sure, Mr. Gore has done some significant rehab on his image. Starting with the gracious concession speech during the 2000 election, the Al Gore we've seen over the last six years was conspicuously absent during the campaign. Who knows why?

Mr. Gore has been coy with his answers on running for president again. But perhaps there is truth to the notion that he doesn't want the job.

Why wouldn't he want the job? Well, for starters, he's in a great place right now, and life is good. If he runs, then he's no longer the wise and good man who "should" been president, he becomes a candidate again. Campaigning is hard, dirty work. Presidential politics is blood-sport. Ask John McCain how he felt when the Republican party was eviscerating him during the 2000 campaign. I think Al's right not to run. He's well regarded, has influence in corporate and governmental circles and is doing something good for the planet. If he runs for president, then he is completely bound by the office. Somethings he can do as a public citizen will not be allowed as President. Consider that he would have to most likely be faced with the continued cesspool in Iraq, growing problems in Afghanistan and also the thought of a nuclear Iran. I'm sorry, but that's not a job I'd want, and if I've been rebuffed once by the American People before all this crap started, why in the world would I want the job after the Chimp in Chief has made the mess he has? This job could kill you, and perhaps he's tired of politics and just wants to go about doing some good. I can't fault the man for that.

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