Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mr. President, You are passionate, but you do not persuade...

So. We are changing strategy in Iraq. We are concentrating on securing the city of Baghdad. You will send additional troops to Anbar province to find Al-Qaeda. We will spend an additional $1B on a jobs program to reconstruct the infrastructure in Iraq. You have decided to deploy 21,500 more soldiers to the country that your former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was sure we would pacify in 6 months.
Mr. President, your speech offered no new strategy, only new tactics. There was nothing in your speech that gave any indication that you or your advisors had a real plan that would affect the region in a positive manner. In the end, you are putting 21,500 more US sons and daughters in harms way with no real plan to quell the violence between the Sunni and the Shia.
I don't believe you can fix this problem with soldiers. You can't fix the problem externally. The Shia and the Sunni have to do it themselves. You are correct when you talk about the worst-case scenario that Iraq could become a terrorist base-camp with significant reserves of oil at their disposal. Still, not enough reason for us to send more troops into harms way.
The Sunni and the Shia have to work themselves through this. It will require conflict, blood, death and then exhaustion from the fighting and a recognition that peace is what they want after all. The conflict is happening now. We have soldiers in the cross-fire. Get them out of harms way and allow "all the poisons to hatch out". Only until the Shia and Sunni have had their fill of the violence will it stop. There is absolutely no reason for another US Soldier to be killed in this conflict.
You didn't persuade Mr. President, you convinced me that you don't have a plan and you aren't the right person for this job. It is now my belief that you should be removed from office through impeachment. The level of incompetence that you and your administration have shown in dealing with this conflict has resulted in over 3,000 US deaths and 45,000 plus wounded Americans.

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