Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's Simply Time to Stop

Tomorrow evening the President will address the nation and give his direction for the war in Iraq. Early information indicates that he will direct a "surge" of up to 20 thousand additional troops to be added to the approximately 140 thousand currently on the ground in Baghdad.
The article this post is linked to is a report on Senator Edward Kennedy's preemptive response to the President's expected address. He has introduced legislation in the Senate that will require approval from the US Congress prior to any additional troop deployments. It is high time that the Congress retake their Constitutional authority with respect to deciding when we go to war. They gave that authority away when they voted to authorize the President to use force if he saw fit to do so. Now, at least an attempt to rectify this mistake has been put in motion. God help us to see that it comes to pass.
It is simply time to stop the involvement of US soldiers in Iraq. I know all the counter arguments that say if we leave chaos will reign and Al-Qaeda will gain control. We've been told that Iran will step in and establish a Shia Crescent across the region effectively gaining control of the massive oil reserves in Iraq. I've heard these arguments over and over and time and again they ring hollow when I look at a picture like the one posted in this article. I become incensed at the notion that oil, strategy, Shia or Sunni ethnic complaints are worth one US Soldier. Yet, it seems that this President has not yet reached that point. Of course we expect him to be sympathetic to the parents and loved ones of the fallen. He is a human being after all and I know he doesn't like the deaths. However, he has developed a blind-spot relative to Iraq. He has as "The Decider" given over to the idea that only he is right and everyone else is wrong and if he just hangs on long enough, then his view will rule the day and we will be victorious.
Mr. Bush is delusional in my view. His desire for victory in Iraq has clouded any judgement that might say a different path or strategy is warranted. Oh, he will listen to advisors, experts and friends who tell him it's time for something new. He'll give the impression that he is seriously thinking about a new approach. In the end, we'll get the same George Bush that decided to go to war in the first place. He is absolutely convinced of the rightness of his approach as he is in his religious beliefs. And that my friends is the problem. I sincerely believe that the President of the United States is doing God's bidding with this war. I really think he believes the central focus of his presidency is to free oppressed people and to interject democracy into a region that is no more ready for democratic governance than the Sahara desert is ready to grow corn.
Mr. Bush, you have lost the country, you have lost your allies, and you are now losing your political party. It should be plain to you that a time for continued conflict has passed. It's simply time to stop.

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  1. Basim Mousilli11:53 AM

    GREAT POST, DENNIS. I'm glad someone finally shed more light about this. I couldn't agree more......

    -basim (saic)