Thursday, January 04, 2007

Goodbye Mr. President

Mr. President, you were one of my favorite Presidents. Not because of any New Deal or New Frontier, or opening China, or anything major, but because you were a real guy. The faker in office right now always attempted to portray a home-spun, folksy way about him, but everyone knows he is just a poser.
No, Mr. President, you were real. You took the job when you really didn't want it. You stepped into a cesspool of corruption and incredibly harsh events (oil embargoes, inflation, Viet Nam, etc.) and you handled it with a kind of grace that is evident in people comfortable in their own skin. I know, much has been made of your lack of grace and Chevy made a career out of hyping that, but your grace was a calm and comfortable presence that gave us an assurance that someone decent was in charge. I was only 15 when you became President, but even then I thought you were a decent guy. I liked that you were an athlete and played football. I liked that you aspired to be Speaker of the House and not President. I liked you, your wife and your dog (Liberty). When you ran against Reagan in the primary I rooted for you. I thought Reagan was a hack and still do. When you lost the election against Carter, I was disappointed, but thought you handled the transfer of power with grace and professionalism. Your eventual friendship with President Carter has solidified the opinion I had that you were a good guy. Mr. Carter is a good guy as well. The work you two did together after you both were out of office was an example of how to behave as an ex-president. Thanks for being a role model for future presidents. I only hope they will reach back into history and learn from you and emulate the class you had.
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