Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lord Byron

Texas lost another giant yesterday. Byron Nelson died at his ranch at the age of 94. Byron wasn't just a professional golfer. He was one of the best golfers who ever played the game. Nelson's record 11 tournament victories in a row and 18 victories in a season may one day be eclipsed, but the grace, class and overall character of the man will never be diminished. One of golf's greatest ambassador's, Nelson was a man of moral conviction. He had steadfast beliefs in right and wrong. He once returned advance money from an endorsement for a cigarette company because he thought it would be a bad example to set for kids to see him advertising cigarettes.

Nelson was friend and coach to many. Tom Watson, Justin Leonard, Tiger Woods were all great friends of Byron's.

I know exactly where he is right now. He's striding up to the first tee box with that big smile of his and Ben Hogan is standing there waiting with his customary impatience saying "dammit Byron, it's about time! You have the honor".

Hit away gentlemen and enjoy your round.

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