Friday, August 11, 2006

What's Next, Flying Naked?

While it is a visual nobody wants, it seems like we are indeed careening to the point that if you want to fly, then you will have to do so with no clothes on. The latest round of travel rules are further restricting your travel as a result of the discovery of and subsequent foiling of plans of suspected terrorists to bring "liquid bombs" on board on international flights. You can't take a coke on the plane. You can't take toothpaste on your carry-on. Remember the Dentyne and Tic-Tacs folks. You can't take baby formula on, brylcream, hairspray, etc. etc. It reminds me of the scene in the first "Batman" movie where the Joker had poisoned all the cosmetic problems and no one could wear makeup without dying.

I have to travel regularly so this is a pain in my ass as I'm sure it is to my fellow air passengers. I'm pretty cynical by now though and wonder why we always seem to have these things show up during an election year?

Anyway, get to the flippin airport an hour earlier than the hour earlier you used to show up. Otherwise you will miss the flight or be late and try to jump the line. If you do that, you won't want to be jumping the line in front of me....

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