Saturday, August 26, 2006


This is not a spoof on SNL. This is real. Somebody in Florida got the bright idea that we're not screwing our kids up enough so she designed the Ecclesiastical Flak Jacket. This is for real. I cannot fucking believe what this country has turned into.

Coming Soon! Armor of God Blankets! Jesus H. Christ.

Tell me what you think of this madness,




  1. The blankies would be a big seller, especially if you called them binkies!
    Stuff like that makes you afraid to let your kids go to church. I'm sure it was with the best of intentions but it's so narrow-minded and naive it's scary.

  2. Zeb, I'm almost certain these people read scripture in an almost catatonic state. The most profound theologian other than Reinhold Niebuhr is William Sloane Coffin (former chaplain at Yale), and if you've not read his book Credo, I encourage you to do so. Coffin would have none of this "warrior christian" nonsense. Everything from his perspective was about the force of love coming from Jesus and his teaching.

    This lady reads Ephesians to her kids. "Freakin Ephesians", which discusses spiritual warfare against demons and a woman's place (to be subserviant) to men. Of course, this was allegedly a letter from St. Paul to the church at Ephesus and I never liked Paul's writings anyway. I always think he was co'opting Jesus message.

    Anyway, as I said before, the South is choc full of these types of "religious" people. I wish they'd spend more time on the gospels and less time on the dogma that came later.


  3. I don't see anything wrong in teaching children biblical values. Also, the teachings are for building faith which is what this person most likely had in mind. Is that so bad??

  4. Dwayne,

    There is nothing wrong with teaching values, biblical or otherwise. Morality should be taught to children. What this lady has done in my opinion is not that. Using the Bible to "scare" kids, whether overtly or covertly is wrong. The Bible is allegory, fable, parable, wisdom, history and many other things. There are so many other passages in scripture that provide excellent guidelines for children.

    I have grown up with people like this. Throughout my childhood, our pators used the threat of eternal damnation to scare the living shit out of me and my friends in church. It wasn't until I was in my 30's did I really uncover the wisdom in the Bible. I didn't need and don't think other children need fear of damnation to be convinced of leading a moral life.