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Can We Get Rid Of Religion? - Next up: Islam

Islam is the world's second largest religion, with approximately 1.4 billion followers. Most people in the west believe it is an Arab religion. Indeed, Muhammad was an Arab, but today only about 20% of the religion's followers are Arabian. The west is by and large ignorant of Islam and look upon it as a religion of cave-dwellers and essentially backward people. To be sure, some of the laws of "Sharia", or Islamic law would seem backward to us in the west, particularly those regarding women's rights. However, during the dark ages (circa 900 AD), Muslim culture was one of the bright spots in the world.

Ok, a brief history lesson: God or "Allah", revealed himself through the angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad over a 20 year period during the 7th century AD. Muhammad was from a merchant family and had a routine of contemplative meditation in the caves around Mecca. During one of these sessions, Gabriel came to him and said that he would be God's messenger and final prophet. Well, as is typical of others identified as God's messengers, a lot of people in the town of Mecca thought Muhammad was losing his marbles. Others didn't and became followers of his teachings of monotheism. After a period of time, Muhammad and his followers fled to what is now known as Medina. Muhammad's Muslims warred against the Meccans and eventually subdued them. Arabian emissaries from other tribes across the land convened to pay tribute to Muhammad and over time Islam was adopted within the country. The Q'uran or Koran is the Muslim Holy scripture. A series of chapters or Surahs delineate God (Allah's) teachings. The Koran was not assembled until after Muhammad's death. The first "caliph" Abu Bakr, assembled various pieces of the revelations to Muhammad into the first consolidated Koran.

Over the next several hundred years and up to the 19th century, Islam has spread all over the world. At one time, Spain was a Muslim conquest. Islam has spread eastward to Malaysia and now there are approximately 7 million Muslims living in the United States.

There are many segments of Islam, but by far the two largest are Shia and Sunni Muslims, with the Sunni's being the most populous. I won't go into detail on the differences between Shia and Sunni, suffice it to say that it was primarily a "family thing". See Wikipedia on (click the title link)for a detailed description of the differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Ok, this is supposed to be a post as to why we need to get rid of Islam. Just like Christianity, Islam is a "revealed" religion. In other words, God revealed his/her/it's wisdom to a person. That person or persons (e.g. Muhammad, Moses, Paul, various Popes, Rabbis, and Imams over the centuries) have made it their business to tell the rest of us (the great unwashed) what God is really trying to say. So, we get corrupted, interpreted, edited, rationalized, fantasized, politicized, and altogether un-trustworthy information on what God's plan for us is. Those who believe in the inerrancy of the Christian Bible or the Koran or the Torah contend that God's word cannot be corrupted no matter how hard one tries. Those of us who think differently are generally cynical enough to realize that people in power will manipulate anything they can to remain in power, or in absence of that power initially, work to achieve it.

As early as 1100 AD, Muslims and Christians have been fighting with each other while both claiming divine guidance from the same God. Kind of retarded isn't it? The same God of Abraham is the same god of Jesus, Moses and Muhammad. Why then, are most of the wars in the last one thousand years attributed at least in part as a religiously sanctioned or inspired war? Simple answer to this is thirst for power. Power can mean wealth, property, subjugation of certain peoples, etc. etc.

Islamic radicalism has become much more prominent in the last 50 years. Certainly Muhammadism, as it was called in the late 19th and early 20th century had it's moments. When the Turkish led Ottoman empire allied itself with Germany during World War I, the events generated quite a lot of publicity and also one of the first "mythic heroes" of modern Arabian folklore. That person, T.E. Lawrence, was a British soldier secunded to Arabia and eventually organized and led the tribal Arabians in a revolt against the Turks. However, I digress.

Today, we know the face of evil in an Islamic terrorist. Notice I didn't say Arab terrorist. For all of you morons who every Muslim is an Arab, please get educated. As I said earlier, Arabs make up about 20% of the Muslim population today. As a matter of fact, there are over one hundred million Muslims living in India today. Any way, the Islamic terrorists have shown themselves many time. The Black September killings of the Israeli athletes at the Olympic games in Munich in 1972 are some of the earliest in recent memory. The PLO under Arafat, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the big daddy of them all, Al-Qaida. These are all groups of Islamic terrorists all claiming divine right and direction by God to rid the world of all infidels and in particular, the Israelis.

We know as rational, thinking human beings, that God doesn't give a rats-ass about Hamas, or Israel, or the Vatican, or really any human attempt to co-opt God or (the Gods) for our own benefit and profit.

Islam is growing rapidly today. While world population increases by about 2.3% annually, Islam is growing at about a 2.9% clip. One of the problems with this is that radical Islam is also growing rapidly. Mullahs, Imams, (holy clerics and teachers) are setting up madrasas (religious schools) across the world teaching a brand of Islam designed to instill hatred or at least prejudice against those who are not of the faith. Terrorists recruit from these schools regularly, as many of the students are poor and illiterate.

Moderate followers of Islam are not doing enough to stamp down this radical segment of their faith. As a result, the movement has spread West and infringed upon the West's interests. Since this is a major no-no to the West, we have of course responded by sanction, economic or otherwise. We have of course done this under the flag of our God, who surely wouldn't support the crazy terrorists.

See how ridiculous this all sounds? It is one thing to have wars and conflict because of economics, greed, fear of the other guy or whatever. But, to bring God into this is, dare I say it, a sin?

Islamic fundamentalism is a source of evil today. Not the only source for sure, but one of gaining momentum and power. If we could remove Islam from the face of the earth, along with other organized religions such as Christianity, then perhaps we might actually find some peace.

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