Thursday, June 01, 2006

When all else fails, bash the gays....

Monday, June 5, 2006, President George W. Bush will take a bold stand in protecting the country. Will he announce another assault on terrorism? Will he tell us they've caught Osama? Will he discuss how we will secure our ports or even our borders?

No, those are trivial matters in securing our way of life. This announcement will be MUCH, MUCH more important.

It is expected that on Monday, the 43rd president of the United States, the self-proclaimed "uniter and not a divider" will put forward his support for a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

That's right. He's courageously taking a stand that will staunch one of the most insidious and sinister evils of our time, the fact that two guys or two women might want to get married.

This bold move is most assuredly being supported by the right wing fundamentalist Christian community. Certainly, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell and their ilk will be cheering the president on for this historic stand in support of the sanctity of marriage.

The amendment is sponsored by Senator Wayne Allard (R-Colorado). It reads as follows: "Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution, nor the constitution of any State, shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman."

This bold prose surely belongs in the pantheon of amendments to our constitution. It ranks right up there with the first amendment's protections of assembly, petition, press and religion. NOT!

It's obviously an election year folks. You know this because we get news about Flag Burning amendments and anti-gay rhetoric coming out of the ultra right wing of the republican party. I am literally amazed that gay republicans can actually stay in the party and tolerate this demeaning and nonsensical rubbish.

Messrs. Rove, Bush, (Cheney, I would hope) and conservative republicans don't give a rats behind about gay marriage except when it comes to election time. For those of you who are really anti-gay and don't believe in gay marriage, you should be offended at the blatant pandering the administration and republicans are doing simply to whip you into a frenzy to go to the polls.

For those of you who are gay, or believe in equal rights, you should realize that there's not really a serious threat of this amendment passing the Senate, let alone, being ratified by two-thirds of the states in this country. Most of us, believe in live and let live. There are certainly more important issues facing us today than worrying whether or not Ann and Karen can get married.

I know, I know, you'll say, "But what about the Bible? Doesn't God hate gays?" Certainly, some religious leaders have interpreted the Bible's message to be anti-gay. However, others haven't. I think I agree with their point of view.

The late reverend William Sloane Coffin had this to say:

"It is not Scripture that creates hostility to homosexuality, but rather hostility to homosexuals that prompt some Christians to recite a few sentences from Paul and retain passages from an otherwise discarded Old Testament law code. In abolishing slavery and in ordaining women we've gone beyond biblical literalism. It's time we did the same with gays and lesbians. The problem is not how to reconcile homosexuality with scriptural passages that condemn it, but rather how to reconcile the rejection and punishment of homosexuals with the love of Christ. It can't be done. So instead of harping on what's "natural," let's talk about what's "normal," what operates according to the norm. For Christians, the norm is Christ's love. If people can show the tenderness and constancy in caring that honor's Christ's love, what matters their sexual orientation? Shouldn't a relationship be judged by its inner worth rather than by its outer appearance? When has a monopoly on durable life-warming love been held by legally wed heterosexuals?

The reverend states the position better than I ever could. With all of the ranting about the sanctity of marriage, why do we never hear about the sanctity of love?

For those of you who cannot abide the idea of gay marriage, that it really threatens you and your own marriage and self-worth, I feel sorry for you. If two people getting married can honestly threaten your situation, then it is most certainly in trouble to begin with. Go seek help. See a counselor or priest or minister or someone.

For those of you who are cynical and opportunistic to use this issue to achieve political gain (either pro or con), I'm ashamed of you. We have so much more serious issues (poverty, war, health care) that need attention. You deserve to be run out of office on a rail.

Write your congressional representatives and tell them what you think. Then, tell me what you think,