Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Supporting VOID

On October 16th of last year a small, grass roots movement was started that could be the catalyst for change within our national electoral process. Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy, or VOID has been established with the purposes of supporting challengers to incumbents holding elective office. The general theme is that good government requires institutional change, and if that is to come about, then incumbents must be voted out. Incumbents, especially at the national level are reelected at about a 95% clip. Money and influence are the biggest weapons in the incumbents arsenal. If change is to occur, then the money and and influence has to be overcome by a greater force: The will of the electorate to force change through electing challengers that are focused on improving government for the general public.

VOID has been gaining attention over the last couple of months. Membership is growing and a efforts have begun to establish local chapters across the country. VOID has no political ideology other than good government. Check out the web site. I think you will find the movement, the ideas and people involved intriguing and compelling...

Let me know what you think.


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Hey Dennis,

    Just finished watching the Alito hearings. Democrats on the judiciary committee failed to mount an effective attack on the nominee. The stakes were high and they were not up to the job. VOID could target Kennedy in 2006, but we have to wait until 2008 for Durbin and 2010 for Schumer.


  2. Ed,

    You're right. Each of these guys have run their course in my opinion and are simply obstructionists. On the other side, I want to see Ted Stevens, Tom Coburn go as well. Lots of work to do.


  3. Dennis, I have placed your site on VOID's blogroll as a Blogger for VOID. Many thanks for your support of better government through Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy